How To Manage Financial Matter In Separation And Divorce?

How To Manage Financial Matter In Separation And Divorce?

If your marriage is falling apart, a separation may be in order. You and your spouse have a lot to talk about, discuss many things and help each other go through the separation process without starting a mini-war.

However, things are not always friendly, and couples end up fighting a lot, especially when talking about financial matters.

Dealing with this can be very frustrating and exhausting. The following tips will help you deal with your financial aspect during a separation or divorce.

Get professional help

If you and your spouse cannot find a common ground, perhaps the best option is to seek legal help. There are many professional counselors who will gladly help you get to the bottom of things.

A marriage counselor will help you and your spouse negotiate things, and most importantly, keep the room calm.

Talking with Divorce Lawyers in Salt Lake City may also help you get to the bottom of things. You will understand the costs of divorce, legal process and what it may benefit you to hire an attorney to represent you during a divorce.

Lastly, speak with a financial advisor. Get insight and learn about the ramification of divorce/separation. Both you and your spouse are supposed to be left in a good financial situation after the divorce.

Financial Matter In Separation And Divorce

A new budget?

Establishing a new budget is a great way to get through things during separation. Each side will be responsible for paying for own food and bills, or half of everything. However, when there are children involved, this gets a little complicated.

Who will take care of the kids? Out of which pocket will the finances come from? Who will pay for all of their needs and the extra bills?

This is something that you and your spouse need to agree on. It is your children after all, and it is only fair that both of you provide them with everything they need, together.

If one of you is earning less than the other, or if one of you lost the job and income, it is important to let everyone know during the separation process. When one side cannot enjoy the same luxuries during the time of separation, or after divorce, the court may assign the other party to pay for support.

Create your own bank account. Cancel any mutual ones, and cancel every credit card that both of you have access to. Protect yourself from any future debt, and create a separate checking account. Do this to ensure that the Separation goes as planned, without potential complications.

Division of assets

The final financial aspect is asset distribution. Who gets the house, the car, how are household items and assets divided?

Normally, after a divorce, everything is divided in two. If the house cannot be divided and a deal cannot be made, the best option may be to sell the house and share the profit.

This is the most important part of every divorce, and it is extremely important to have an attorney present to protect your best interest. Speak with one of our attorneys and get all the legal help you need.

If you and your spouse cannot reconcile, the best way is to move forward. Try and find common ground, protect each other’s best interests and the separation/divorce will be successful, without any negative consequences.


When Divorcing a Narcissist

When Divorcing a Narcissist

Some people are embarrassed to go to court because they feel they are exposing their private life. The truth is that most divorce cases will not end up in court. Only 5% of couples will actually go in front of a judge. Most of them come to an agreement otherwise it can be very costly. But what makes divorcees disagree? The narcissist approach to a divorce is generally the cause. Men generally struggle more with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) than women. Although this condition can be treated, it might take a while before Mr. or Ms. Right decides to change. Contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney if you are filing for divorce in Utah.

Dealing with the narcissist

Mental health professionals strongly advise to stay away from narcissists. These are not the kind of people that will treat you fairly. They will hurt your feelings and in some cases you will also suffer physical harm. Victims have a hard time to recover as narcissists can be quite manipulative and deceiving. They like to play mind games and always have an excuse for their unjustifiable behavior.

In it for the win

Divorce is an unfortunate event. However you put it, everybody loses something in the process. But this is not the way narcissists think. They are winners and they will do everything they can to win even if it means hurting someone along the way.  Narcissists can be charming and friendly at first but once they lose their charm they will come after you and you better run for your life.  A narcissist won’t sacrifice a thing. It’s all about him. This is the type of person that will have three affairs and still convince the judge his wife cheated on him. Forget about negotiating with a narcissist. It just won’t work. A good Salt Lake City divorce attorney will know what to do in these types of cases.


A player

Narcissists can mask their dark side pretty good. It’s difficult to spot their mistakes because in their eyes, they are perfect. These are the kind of people that will waste everybody’s time by making false accusations. It’s easier to blame others than being responsible for your mistakes. If you don’t have an attorney with you, a narcissist will definitely wear you down during the divorce process.

No feelings

Remember their focus is on them. His or her personal needs always come first. People are afraid to go to court because they worry about what others would say. But not for the narcissist. They will start World War III and try to win at all costs. There will be little or no agreement in child custody issues or any other divorce-related matters.

Act now

Never feel sorry for a narcissist. They will be fine. They always make sure their interests are fully protected. Think about your family and how they need freedom from such eccentric environment. If your ex-spouse is a narcissist, you will probably end up in court. The narcissist attorney can be furious as he or she will be instructed to take as much as possible from you. He will make you look bad in front of everyone unless you hire experienced legal representation to fight back. Without a Salt Lake City divorce attorney by your side you are simply in the hands of wolves.